Dell employees facing layoffs in Round Rock

An unspecified number of workers are facing layoffs at Dell Inc., according to a spokesman for the Round Rock–based software company.

Dell spokesman Jess Blackburn said workers were notified Sept. 5 of the pending layoffs, but they were not immediately let go. Blackburn declined to give a specific number of workers who were affected by the cuts.

"We're not providing a number," Blackburn said. "We tend not to discuss numbers in these kinds of things anyway."

Blackburn further declined to give an exact timeline for when the workers who received notice of the layoffs Sept. 5 would be out of a job. Blackburn said the layoffs affected a wide range of Dell workers.

"There's no concentration or centering of job types or areas," he said. "Nor is it limited to Round Rock."

Blackburn declined to elaborate on the factors used in determining which workers were selected for the layoffs.

Blackburn would not confirm or deny if the layoffs were a move in response to Dell's recent financial woes. Dell's stock price (NASDAQ: DELL) plummeted from a high in February of $18.32 to $10.53 in September—a 43 percent decrease.

"I am not going to speculate on those reasons [for layoffs]. The steps taken were part of efforts to be as efficient as possible and be as competitive as possible," Blackburn said. '"The reasons for making any reductions are in line with how we continuously review our operations."

Blackburn said workers affected by the layoffs were told they were eligible to pursue other opportunities at Dell.

"It remains to be seen if there is a skill fit and an opening they could (move to)," Blackburn said. "They have the next couple of weeks or so to look for other opportunities at Dell."

Blackburn would not comment on the possibility of more layoffs in the near future.