On March 19, Lakeway City Council approved $65,000 for landscape improvements to the entrance monuments at Lohmans Crossing and Lakeway Boulevard at RR 620.

Parks and Recreation Director Andra Dearing said the improvements are part of Lakeway's goal of having aesthetically pleasing gateways into the city.

Council approved reallocating $30,000 to the project that had been slated for landscape improvements to Lakeway Drive near the Lakeway Resort and Spa. The proposed Lakeway Drive project included new grass and trees, but Dearing said the drought made the project unrealistic. Council then approved an additional $35,000 in funding for the intersections.

"I think it's going to be great for the city, I think it's going to beautiful, and I think people in the city are going to be very, very happy," Mayor Dave DeOme said.

The improvements will significantly reduce the amount of water and maintenance costs the entrance monuments will require in future years, Dearing said.