Teacher welcomes knitters of all levels to Buda shop

Visitors need to stay sharp to find The Yellow Sweater Knitting Parlor because there is no sign outside the green building to alert passersby.

Inside, the lively shop is bursting with an array of colorful yarn, books, Americana antiques, chairs of all sizes and the glue that holds the shop together—the boisterous, eclectic Amy Crockett.

"We have a mission statement here, and that is that this is not a yarn shop with lessons this is a knitting teacher with yarn," Crockett said while sitting in a circle of women one Saturday night.

Now in its fourth year of business, the Knitting Parlor is a popular spot for knitting and crocheting enthusiasts in the area.

Two years ago, Crockett was teaching out of a room in the nearby Carrington House. Her booming business caused her to look for a new venue, and she landed on Main Street.

Crockett calls her shop a parlor because, she insisted, teaching matters most when learning the art of knitting.

"Most yarn shops have a calendar, and everyone is going to learn to do this hat [pattern] on this day and at this time," she said. "So what we did is, we have no calendar."

The concept of "no calendar" is to encourage students to drop by at any time to learn—no matter what their schedules are—and leave with the satisfaction they accomplished what they wanted.

Crockett offers three teaching packages—individual lessons for $20, a four-pack of lessons for $60, or a six-month membership package of $50 a month with unlimited lessons.

As a member, however, she said "you have to raise your right hand a swear on your breakfast that you will participate for six months, and you can get as much help as you need."

Valerie Corry, a Knitting Parlor member, said she joined because the atmosphere is calm and meditative, and is great way to meet people in the area.

"This is a place in Buda where you can come and find people of any age sitting and doing something together," she said. "We have all different ages, and everyone has in common this shared interest of working with their hands."

Lessons do not always have to be scheduled in advance, and Crockett encourages drop-ins. First-time students, however, should make an appointment to make sure they come when she can focus her energy.

And she has a lot of energy to go around.

Not only was Crockett "born crocheting," but her youth spent on a West Texas ranch also taught her the ins and outs of providing for herself.

That passion has taken her all over the country on wilderness adventures, hiking the Appalachian Trail and kayaking through the rivers of Texas with her husband, Reu, and two grown children.

When she is not wandering the wilderness on a new adventure, Crockett is in her parlor teaching the craft she loves.

"We want everyone to be able to find their favorite chair and put their feet up," she said.

The Yellow Sweater Knitting Parlor is open 10 a.m.–6 p.m. Wednesday–Saturday, and noon–5 p.m. Sunday.

The Yellow Sweater Knitting Parlor, 216 N. Main St., Buda, 512-557-3483