City councils vote to add liquor sales legalization resolution to ballots

At the Feb. 7 meetings of the Kyle and Buda city councils, officials approved the addition to the ballots for upcoming elections of a resolution pertaining to alcohol sales in each city.

In Kyle, voters will decide May 12 whether they want to "legalize the sale of alcoholic beverages, including mixed beverages," according to the resolution.

City Secretary Amelia Sanchez said the resolution was brought to officials after a petition was submitted to City Council. Sanchez said 1,625 signatures were needed for the resolution to be considered; she verified 1,797 signatures.

The resolution passed by a unanimous vote.

In Buda, the City Council voted 6–1 to add a similar resolution to the city's Nov. 6 ballot.

City Secretary Danny Batts said 613 signatures were needed on a petition to get the resolution before council; 796 signatures were verified.