With a number of toll roads slated for completion in 2012, this year will represent the most miles added to the system since its debut in the region in 2007.

Hwy. 290 — Phase 1 of 3 of the Manor Expressway opens in 2012. The first phase includes four direct connectors between US 183 and East Hwy. 290 and a toll road from that intersection to Chimney Hill Road. Phase 2 extends the toll road to Giles Road and the third phase to Parmer Lane. The expressway will have six toll lanes and a three-lane nontolled frontage road in each direction.

  • Timeline: Phased opening 2012–14
  • Cost: Phase 1 is $73.4 million; total cost is $426 million

Toll 183A — A 5-mile extension of Toll 183A from north of RM 1431 to north of RM 2243 will be complete in 2012, making Toll 183A 11 miles long.

  • Timeline: Spring 2012
  • Cost: $105 million

Toll 130 — Segments 5 and 6 of Toll 130 will be complete in 2012 and will extend the highway 41 miles from the intersections of US 183, Toll 45 SE and Toll 130 to I-10 just east of Seguin. Currently, Toll 130 is 37 miles long and stretches from Georgetown to the intersection of those three highways.

  • Timeline: Fall 2012
  • Cost: $1.35 billion

MoPac Improvement Project — The recommendation moving forward to Federal Highway Administration for approval is to build one express lane in each direction between Parmer Lane and Cesar Chavez Street that that would be free for transit vehicles. Drivers on the express lane would pay a toll.

  • Timeline: Environmental review complete in late summer/early fall 2012
  • Cost: Not yet known

SH 45 SW — A four-lane limited access tollway is planned on a new alignment connecting MoPac to FM 1626. The Texas Department of Transportation is leading the two- to five-year-long environmental review process, which is in the early stages.

  • Timeline: Not yet known
  • Cost: Not yet known

The Y at Oak Hill — Preliminary work on short-term improvements to Hwy. 290 at the intersection of Hwy. 71, known as The Y at Oak Hill, are under way and do not involve the construction of toll roads. The long-term plans call for a controlled-access six- to eight-lane tolled highway with two- to three-lane untolled frontage roads. The two- to five-year-long environmental review process is under way.

  • Timeline: Not yet known
  • Cost: Not yet known