The transit authority was awarded a Federal Transit Authority grant for $38.1 million of a $47.6 million project for a two-route rapid bus system. The first route will replace the limited Route 101 that runs along North Lamar Boulevard from the Tech Ridge Park and Ride to South Congress Avenue and the Southpark Meadows retail center. The second route will run along Burnet Road to South Lamar Boulevard.

The faster routes will use new buses, some of them 60 feet in length to accommodate up to 111 people, including wheelchair slots and bicycles. The buses will run every 10 minutes seven days a week and make 77 stops between the two routes. Near downtown, the routes cross one another, allowing for access to both. Design on the first route is complete, but Capital Metro is waiting to receive permission to proceed with design on the second route.

Timeline: Capital Metro anticipates receiving the green light to start implementing the project in February or March. Once approved, Capital Metro will complete design on the second route and begin construction on the shelters, purchase the buses and have First Transit start training bus operators.

Cost: $47.6 million, including $25.4 million for 40 new buses and construction of shelters at the 77 stops

Funding source: The FTA awarded Capital Metro a $38.1 million grant. Capital Metro only pays 20 percent, or $9.5 million, which is coming out of the operating budget.