PCDC opens solar sail electric-car charging station


The Pflugerville Community Development Corp. unveiled the first part of a planned renewable energy park Dec. 30 as it showed off an electric-car charging station that is as interesting to look at as it is functional.

The electric-car charging station, located near the intersection of Toll 130 and Pecan Street, is powered by a solar sail and tied into the electrical grid, ensuring cars can be charged at any time, sun or no sun.

The design is also meant to welcome people to the eastern gateway to the city.

“When you come into Pflugerville, you’ll definitely know you’re in town,” said Floyd Akers, executive director of the Pflugerville Community Development Corp.

The solar sail was fitted with LED lighting that changes colors, providing a visual light show for users and passersby.

People will be able to use the electric-car charging station free of cost for now, Akers said, though he expects people will be required to pay at some point.

“Pflugerville, I think, will soon be known as the photovoltaic capital or solar capital of Texas,” Akers said.

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