In an effort to diminish customer concerns over perceived skyrocketing utility bills in the wake of last weeks extreme winter weather event, New Braunfels Utilities on Sunday announced a plan is in the works.

A Feb. 21 news release from the company, which services most utilities consumers in the New Braunfels area, states the plan will help residential and commercial customers minimize high bills brought about by weather-related water leaks.

"New Braunfels Utilities recognizes that many of our customers will most likely experience some hardship due to this week’s extreme winter weather conditions," the release states. "We plan to make a one-time adjustment to all residential and commercial water and wastewater accounts."

The release does not divulge specifics on the plan, but stated it will assist or aid customers who may have higher bills due to freeze-related leaks or unusually higher usage for faucet dripping in order to prevent freezing at their home or business.

While the true cost to both NBU and its customers is not yet fully calculated, the release states, it will likely be considerable.

With regard to electricity bills, the release states that like many other Texas utility companies, NBU has experienced sharp increases in the cost of fuel. However, the local company is pursuing every financing tool within its ability to spread the financial impact over years.

"Spreading out the costs, if approved, will minimize the impact to customer affordability, which is important since everyone in our community and beyond has already been through a very difficult time," the release states. "As prices stabilize and while our team assesses the final financial impact, NBU will continue working with its Board of Trustees and the New Braunfels City Council to find the most financially reasonable solutions for our community."

Community Impact Newspaper will update this story as details are forthcoming.