As of 10:35 a.m. on Feb. 19, the Energy Reliability Council of Texas announced that the energy emergency has concluded.

The state entered Emergency Energy Alert Level 3 at 1:30 a.m., according to a press release, and remained at that level until this morning.

Utility companies are now able to operate at normal levels, officially ending five days of rotating outages.

Though some isolated outages remain, New Braunfels Utilities and Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative have announced that the majority of their customers have had power restored.

“This week, we experienced an unprecedented winter storm across our region testing the resiliency of equipment, the electric grid, and many times our patience,” said Ian Taylor, NBU chief executive officer, in a statement.

As electric systems return to normal operating levels, customers are encouraged to continue practicing conservation measures to reduce energy consumption, including setting thermostats to 68 degrees, turning off lights and electronics not in use, and ensuring doors and windows are properly sealed.

Boil water notices remain in effect for residents of New Braunfels for customers of NBU, Green Valley Special Utility District and Canyon Lake Water Service Co. NBU reported that the notice will likely remain in effect until early next week.

According to NBU, water tanks are currently refilling as the company tackles the task of repairing sweeping leaks throughout the system. Customers currently without water are expected to have service restored by Feb. 20 at the latest.

“We have been able to reallocate the majority of our linemen to focus on the water issues,” said Ryan Kelso, chief operations officer at NBU, in a press release.

As efforts to restore water service continue, residents can access water filling stations at six locations throughout the city.