The second phase of construction of Klein Road will begin this month, which is intended to improve drainage and safety on the roadway when completed.

New Braunfels City Council approved the joint contract between the city and New Braunfels Utilities with a Capital Excavation company to complete phase two of the construction during a regular meeting on May 8.

Project scope
  • Walnut Avenue to FM 725
  • Widen roadway to a four-lane section
  • Replace low water crossing with bridge structure
  • 10-foot shared-use path and a 6-foot sidewalk
  • Underground storm sewer
  • NBU water line relocation
“[A] major component of the project is replacing the existing low-water crossing with a bridge structure, so pulling that roadway out of the floodway,” said Scott McClelland, the city's assistant transportation and capital improvements director.

The cost
  • Total Phase 2 construction cost: $14.46 million
  • Funded through 2013 and 2019 bonds
Budget breakdown
  • Capital excavation (city portion): $12.89 million
  • Construction contingency: 7% or $902,399
  • Design engineer construction administration: $278,582
  • Construction materials testing: $384,000
Construction timeline
  • May 2023 to fall 2024
“It's funded mostly through the 2019 bond, but there's also a portion of the 2013 bond that's contributing to the project to address the drainage issues,” McClelland said.

The first reading of the item was approved unanimously by council. Beginning May 30, Klein Road will close from Dove Crossing to Roadrunner Avenue for four months to build a bridge over a low-water crossing. The detour route will be to travel north on Walnut Avenue or FM 725 to County Line Road, according to the city.

“We have to decide which vehicle we use to go [down Klein Road,] my truck or my wife's vehicle, so this is very much needed,” District 2 Council Member Christopher Willis said.