The Texas Department of Transportation is in the planning stages of making improvements to Hwy. 46 to meet current and future traffic volumes and regional population growth.

The completed project will span Hwy. 46 from I-35 to I-10 and I-35 from South Walnut Avenue to FM 306.

“The improvements that we are making are to meet the current and future traffic demands along the stretch of State Highway 46,” TxDOT Public Information Officer Laura Lopez said. “Especially with the growth, people moving into Seguin and also New Braunfels, so the purpose is to reduce congestion, improve mobility, increase safety along State Highway 46.”

TxDOT has proposed to expand Hwy. 46 with operational improvements to include additional lanes, overpasses and intersections. The proposed expansion also includes limited ramp reconstruction along I-35, according to Lopez.

There is a 78% projected increase in vehicles traversing Hwy 46 in Comal County and an 84% increase in Guadalupe County by 2048, according to TxDOT.

Improvements to Hwy. 46 in Comal County include elevating through lanes, constructing new direct connecting flyover ramps between Hwy. 46 and I-35, and limited ramp reconstruction along I-35.

In Guadalupe County, improvements include expanding Hwy. 46 to a controlled-access four-lane highway, new overpass locations and new one-way frontage roads, according to TxDOT.

The next steps in the project include refining the draft schematic while considering input from the public and completing the environmental clearance needed for construction to begin. A second public meeting is anticipated to take place in the fall and another in summer 2024.