At its Feb. 24 meeting, City Council approved a resolution by the New Braunfels Economic Development Corp. that will provide funds for the redesign of the intersection of Elizabeth Avenue and Landa Park Drive.

Elizabeth runs between a parking lot and Wurstfest, Circle Arts Theatre, Landa Park Miniature Golf and park maintenance buildings.

The redesign would relocate the parking lot so that it is adjacent to these buildings, and Elizabeth would be realigned so it runs along what is currently the north edge of the lot.

Parking capacity would be slightly increased under two plans presented by the city. Overhead utilities could also be altered during the course of the project.

The intersection is governed by a single stop sign to traffic joining Landa Park Drive from Elizabeth. It would become an all-way stop in the proposed realignment.

City Engineer Garry Ford presented details on the project at the Feb. 24 meeting and stated that the intersection is one of the most common locations for accidents in Landa Park.

The resolution passed by the Economic Development Corp. is in response to a city request and will provide up to $162,000.

Construction funding is yet to be secured, and Ford said cost estimates are “right under a million dollars” on the high end.

The design phase is expected to take nine months, and construction would require another nine months, according to Ford.