Action Behavior Centers, a 5,000-square-foot autism support facility, opened at 790 Generations Drive, Bldg. 300, New Braunfels, in early September.

The organization has locations throughout Texas, Arizona, Colorado and Illinois and offers therapy and testing services for children on the autism spectrum.

Registered behavior technicians work with each child, said Shawdra Janne, operations manager for the New Braunfels location, and offer applied behavior analysis therapy.

“A behavioral analyst will have nine kiddos on their caseload, and those kiddos work directly with three or four therapists,” Janne said. “We do that for a few different reasons, but the main one is we want them to be able to transition from one therapist to another because life is full of transitions ... we want them to grow that connection with their therapist so they're comfortable making those milestones.”

In addition to therapy, the organization also offers Autism Diagnosis Observation testing for children and is currently offering the testing for free with a physician referral.

Children can receive several types of therapy at the location, Janne said, limiting the number of offices a family needs to visit to receive care.

“​​Just knowing that they're building the skills that they need to be able to go out to dinner and order for themselves or not run into a dangerous parking lot ... is a huge relief to our parents,” she said.

For more information, visit the ABC website at or call 830-256-9730.