The city of New Braunfels’ rabies ordinance has been updated to allow for greater flexibility, in line with the state and other area cities.

The gist

City Council voted unanimously Sept. 11 to allow pet owners to choose between a one- or three-year vaccine. Prior to the update, residents had to vaccinate their pets against rabies once a year.

Additionally, the update allows for pet owners and veterinarians to choose a vaccine based on the manufacturers recommendations, according to a city news release.

“This effectively extends the period for updated vaccinations that are often needed for grooming and other pet-related services,” Neighborhood Services Manager Bryan Ruiz said in the release. “That means it’s a great time to check on your pet’s vaccination status and to renew those vaccinations if necessary.”

Residents are encouraged to visit the Animal Welfare and Rescue department for more information on the services offered.