What's happening?

Canyon Reservoir, the source of 36% of New Braunfels Utilities' water needs, has hit a historic low.

A year ago, the lake was 902.8 feet full; as of Aug. 29, it has fallen to 892.56 feet full, the lowest it has ever been in recorded history since its impoundment in 1964.

Prior to the current drought, the lowest Canyon Reservoir had ever been was 893.13 feet in September 2009, according to data from the U.S. Geological Survey.

As a result, many cities and entities are in the midst of increasing drought restrictions as the region waits for rain to replenish water supplies.

Additionally, Comal County has closed all of the boat ramps on Canyon Reservoir that are county-operated.

The closures are as follows:
  • Ramp 1: Canyon Lake Village
  • Ramp 2: Canyon Lake Village West
  • Ramp 5: Canyon Lake Forest
  • Ramp 6: Canyon Lake Hills at Tom Creek
  • Ramp 7: Canyon Lake Hills at Astro Hills
  • Ramp 8: Canyon Springs Resort
  • Ramp 11: Cypress Cove
  • Ramp 22: Canyon Lake Shores
  • Ramp 23: Mystic Shores