The tube chute in New Braunfels will cease lifeguard operations Aug. 14 due to reduced water depth and water clarity issues on the Comal River.

According to a news release from the city, this is three weeks earlier than lifeguard operations usually cease at the end of the summer tourism season.

City officials said the tube chute often operates without lifeguards in the weeks before and after the normal summer tourism season.

“The safety of our staff is always paramount,” New Braunfels City Manager Robert Camareno said. “From exposed rocks and water clarity issues due to stirred-up sediment, the lower water levels have made it difficult for our lifeguards to perform their duties safely.”

Diving in deeper

Parks in New Braunfels that offer river access, including the city tube chute, will remain open. Free life jackets are available for the public at Hinman Island Park, and swimmers of all ages and abilities are encouraged by the city to use life jackets, according to the news release.

“Those entering the water should remember that the Comal River is a natural waterway with natural hazards including submerged debris (like rocks and tree branches) and is susceptible to further impacts from weather and other factors,” per the city news release.