The city of New Braunfels will be launching a permitting software improvement that will work with the city’s existing online permitting system later this month.

According to a news release from the city, the new electronic plan review, or EPR, software is intended to increase efficiency and communication between city staff and those applying for permits. The software will also give users a central hub where they can easily upload plans and documents.

Users will be required to create a separate online login and password for the site to utilize the software, which is a cloud-based application. Once the account is created, users will be able to upload all plans and documents as well as coordinate online with city staff during the review process, according to the news release.

“Our goal is to use this new software to streamline the review process, increase communication and transparency with residents, and to improve the overall customer experience,” New Braunfels building official K.C. Collins said in the news release. “The EPR site provides intuitive, step-by-step instructions as well as tutorial videos, and city staff will be providing a number of training opportunities for users throughout the EPR rollout process.”

Those applying for commercial building permits and residential new-build permits will be able to utilize the first phase of the new software when it launches Aug. 28. The remaining permit types that require plan review and plat applications will be able to utilize the new software in the weeks that follow, the news release states.

The New Braunfels Planning and Development Services Department lobby at City Hall will be closed Aug. 23 to allow staff an opportunity to receive additional training on the new EPR software.

Additional information on the EPR software and other application resources can be found at