The city of New Braunfels is in the process of creating its next Strategic Plan and is asking for input from members of the community. Once completed, the Strategic Plan will serve as a blueprint for the long-term sustainability of the city, its programming, services, operations and infrastructure.

According to the city, effective strategic plans shape the city's path and the actions needed to make progress, but also how define how the plans are successful. The city has contracted with BerryDunn, a national consulting firm, to coordinate with City Council, city administration, key community stakeholders and the public throughout the process.

The background

“Creating a strategic plan is a purposeful and disciplined effort that prioritizes mission-critical activities and how to align the city’s budget with those priorities to increase efficiency and effectiveness,” New Braunfels City Manager Robert Camareno said. “If the city doesn’t think strategically and make the effort to plan for the future, we may struggle to maintain our focus, which could affect the progress we make toward the outcomes that are most important for the residents and businesses in our community.”

The Strategic Plan process includes four project phases:
  • Phase 1: spring 2023: project initiation and planning
  • Phase 2: summer 2023: evaluation of strengths, weakness, opportunities and challenges
  • Phase 3: fall 2023: development of Strategic Plan
  • Phase 4: winter 2024: implementation of Strategic Plan
Phase 2 is currently underway and includes gathering input from the New Braunfels community, according to the city. There are a number of ways residents can participate in the process:Diving in deeper

The city will also be hosting four community forums to explain the Strategic Plan process and to provide residents another opportunity to participate.
  • Aug. 29 at noon: NBU Service Center, 355 FM 306
  • Aug. 29 at 6 p.m.: New Braunfels Public Library, 700 E. Common St.
  • Aug. 31 at noon: New Braunfels Police Department, 3030 W. San Antonio St.
  • Aug. 31 at 6 p.m.: New Braunfels Civic & Convention Center, 375 S. Castell Ave.
More information about the New Braunfels Strategic Plan process and updates on the process can be found at