The Texas Department of State Health Services reported 127 new cases of the coronavirus in Guadalupe County on June 25, bringing the county's total to 594 cases.

It was the largest single-day increase in cases for the county to date, followed by 94 cases and 50 cases reported June 23 and June 24, respectively.

Of the 271 cases reported by DSHS between June 23 and June 25, 240 were confirmed cases.

Despite that, a press release issued by the Guadalupe County Office of Emergency Management stated the county had 60 active cases as of June 25, while also reporting 86 new pending cases in the same release.

Guadalupe County's COVID-19 Dashboard reported 231 cases as of June 25, a level surpassed by state-reported numbers June 19.

The June 25 press release issued by the county used multiple case designations, such as cases reported to Guadalupe County (294 cases), DSHS pending cases (323 cases) and "DSHS total reported on website" (617 cases).

It is unclear which website the release refers to since the release's case numbers do not match up with the DSHS website or Guadalupe County's website.

Pending cases appear to be positive cases in the county awaiting investigation by a DSHS epidemiologist, but an official with the office of emergency management did not respond to a request for clarification.