Update May 6 at 11:10 p.m.

With all precincts reporting, Neal Linnartz was elected New Braunfels' next mayor May 6 with 55.98% of the vote, or 3,540 votes.

Michael French came up second with 27.13% of the vote, or 1,716 votes. Former City Council Member George Green placed third with 12.46% of the vote, or 788 votes.

Edward Martinez, Jr. received 4.43% of the vote, or 280 votes.

On election night, Linnartz said he wanted to thank everyone who helped get him across the finish line.

"We had a great team, and that's why I ended up prevailing. ... It was just the people that were behind me, and this was a community effort," Linnartz said. "[I'm] looking forward to doing great things and keeping New Braunfels moving forward in the right direction. I just want to thank everybody in the community for supporting me, and I look forward to working with everybody, whether they did or did not support me in the in this race, but I look forward to working with them to make New Braunfels great going forward."

In a statement sent to Community Impact, Green questioned the amount of money spent by his opponents to finance campaigns for a volunteer position.

"I truly want to thank my family and friends for supporting me and all that voted. Races are won and lost every day," Green said. "Our political system needs fixing."

French said, regardless of the outcome, the election was a huge success in his view.

"I'm very proud of my city and the people that came out to vote. We had more votes than any time in New Braunfels history for the local election. And I believe that maybe six to eight times more than any normal amount," French said. "I feel that my message of using common sense growth, water conservation and creating a crime control prevention district reflects the views of so many in this this ever-growing city, and I am so grateful to have represented the views of this city and this people. ... "I wish Neal nothing more than success."

Original story May 6, 7:52 p.m.

Early voting results for New Braunfels mayor show Neal Linnartz leading with 58.40%, or 2,441 votes.

Michael Alexander French follows with 26.40%, or 1,091 votes. George Green and Edward Martinez, Jr. garnered 11.11% and 4.09%, respectively, in the four-way race.

Incumbent Mayor Rusty Brockman opted not to seek a second term.

Early voting results account for 6.96% of the total electorate, or 10,448 votes.

All results are unofficial until canvassed.

For updated vote totals, visit Community Impact’s voter guide here.