Of the 106,505 registered voters in Comal County, 21,613 cast Republican ballots and 10,041 voted Democratic in the March 3 primary election.

Additional votes could be tallied by the March 12 canvassing deadline, but voter participation stands at 31,666—29.73%, according to Comal County's election website.

Results are unofficial until the canvass is complete.

Democrat participation increased to 9.4% of registered voters compared to 6% of voters in the 2016 primary. Republican participation dropped from 33% of registered voters to 20.29% in the same period.

Without candidates in the majority of county elections, local Democrats failed to capitalize on the larger turnout.

The following candidates won their respective races in the Republican primary:

  • Incumbent candidate Dib Waldrip won the election for district judge of the 433rd Judicial District. Waldrip had 14,309 votes, or 71.7% of the vote, while his opponent, Charlie Sullivan, had 28.3% for 5,647 votes.

  • Donna Eccleston, also an incumbent, won the election for Comal County's Precinct 1 commissioner seat with 3,069 votes—52.08%. Challenger Richard K. Smith had 2,824 votes—47.92%.

  • Kristen Hoyt won the race for tax assesor-collector with 11,372 votes, which accounts for 57.24% of ballots. Patrick Aten earned 8,494 votes for 42.76% of the results.

  • Charlie Motz won the Precinct 1 constable position with 67.4% of ballots, or 3,769 votes. Christopher Braun had 32.6% and 1,823 votes.

  • Incumbent Craig Ackerman won the constable election for Precinct 3 with 57.03% of the vote, or 1,193 ballots, and his opponent, Scott Head, had 899 votes.

  • In Precinct 4, incumbent Shane Rapp won the election for constable with 4,859 votes, and Jerry Airola had 1,532 votes, for 76.02% and 23.98% of ballots, respectively.

The following Republican candidates ran unopposed for their positions in the primary:

  • 22nd Judicial District Judge R. Bruce Boyer is an incumbent and earned 18,926 votes.

  • Incumbent Mark Reynolds received 19,303 votes for county sheriff.

  • Charles A. Stephens II is an incumbent with 18,792 votes for County Court at Law No. 2.

  • Deborah Linnartz Wigington received 18,518 votes for judge of County Court at Law No. 3.

  • Incumbent Mark Cheatum ran for constable for Precinct 2 and had 5,192 votes.

  • Incumbent Kevin Webb received 2,021 votes for County commissioner, Precinct 3.

There were two county-level elections in the Democratic Primary, and each had a single candidate:

  • Lindsay Poisel received 1,874 votes for County commissioner, Precinct 1.

  • Colette Nies received 1,557 votes for County commissioner, Precinct 3.

The following March primary candidates will compete in the November general election. All other races are effectively settled unless a third party or write-in candidate files by Aug. 17 to compete in November, according to Comal County Public Information Officer Paul Anthony.

  • Incumbent Republican Donna Eccleston will face Democratic challenger Lindsay Poisel in the election for Comal County commissioner in Precinct 1.

  • Incumbent Republican Kevin Webb will be up against Democrat Colette Nies for Comal County commissioner in Precinct 3.

All ballot propositions were approved in both the Democratic and Republican primaries.