To keep up with the continued population growth in New Braunfels, Comal ISD is planning to have a bond package on the May 2023 ballot. Some of the priorities of the bond package include additional elementary and middle school campuses, improving safety and security, acquiring land for future schools, bringing new technology to the district and funding for the maintenance of existing campuses.

Steve Stanford, Comal ISD assistant superintendent for communications and organizational development, said the district is planning to have a bond election in 2023 to keep up with the growth in the region and accommodate for students anticipated to move into the district.

The Comal Forward Committee oversees funding selections for the 2023 bond and is made up of over 65 members of the community. In February, the committee will present its recommended bond package to the Board of Trustees. The board will then approve the projects and call for a May 2023 bond election.

“[With Comal ISD] being one of the fastest growing districts in the state, and particularly in the region, new schools will always be a priority when it comes to our bond packages,” Stanford said.

In the November 2021 bond election, voters approved $411.3 million for new buses, land acquisition and infrastructure projects throughout the district. The construction of two new elementary schools, a new middle school and a new campus for the Hill Country Preparatory High School was also funded. Additionally, $34.5 million was approved to fund teacher and student instructional technology.

“It's not like some school districts, they have a bond every decade, every 10 years, so they had to put a lot in it because it's gonna be another 10 years before they have growth really drive it,” said Stanford. “We know because we're continuing to grow that we're gonna have to have bonds every couple of years.”

Construction of the new campuses funded through the November 2021 bond is underway, and 27 of the 84 buses have been delivered to the district so far. The district anticipates to 33 additional buses in the first few months of 2023.

“We're delivering what we told the voters we would [on the November 2021 bond] and then on the Bond 2023, we're in the process of identifying those projects that are going to meet the continued growth and needs of our district and our students,” Stanford said.