Two days after being hired by Comal ISD to serve as the new medical consultant, Dr. Erin Wright announced her resignation Oct. 4.

Wright was originally hired by the district to help develop district health policies and procedures and provide continuing education and skills training for campus nurses and staff starting Nov. 1.

After her appointment was announced, Facebook pages such as “Living Blue in Comal County” shared screenshots of social media posts made by Wright this year claiming that children may not contract COVID-19, opposing prolonged mask-wearing among children and criticizing Democratic political candidates.

Community members voiced frustration and concern regarding the statements, leading Wright to resign and release a public statement about her decision.

“I make no apologies for being a conservative, and my personal viewpoints do not negate my ability to do my job as a physician nor as a mother... Unfortunately, my personal beliefs are being used unfairly to discredit the administration and staff of Comal ISD,” Wright wrote in her statement. “As such, I have made the decision to withdraw as Comal ISD’s Medical Director and want to thank the district for giving me the opportunity to serve in this capacity.”

CISD Executive Director of Communications Steve Stanford shared that the district understands Wright’s decision and is in the process of seeking a replacement.