The historic land commission did not receive a historic landmark designation for 555 Porter St. at the Feb. 20 City Council meeting.

The building is part of the River Mill redevelopment, which is worth tens of millions, according to city documents.

New Braunfels has previously demonstrated its support of the project with the creation of the city’s second tax increment reinvestment zone, which will cover the development and some 35 acres of the surrounding area.

In previous meetings, the property’s historic value had been called into question. The building has been altered numerous times over the years and lacks any meaningful remains of its original design.

The building was constructed in the first half of the 20th century and served as a storefront for the mill’s products.

It has sat empty with the rest of the property since 2005 and has been the subject of numerous police calls for criminal activity.

Developer Don Thomas is now free to clear away the River Mill’s decaying buildings.

According to Thomas, parts of the mill will find new life as adaptive reuse projects.