Comal County reported five new cases of the coronavirus on Saturday, May 30, raising its total to 99 residents.

New Braunfels is home to all of today's new cases. One of the residents is in their 30s and has been hospitalized in New Braunfels.

The four other cases are self-quarantining. One is under 18 and the others are in their 20s, 50s and 70s.

There have been two recoveries since yesterday and Comal County has 23 residents with active cases of the virus.

Seven of those residents are hospitalized, up from two at the beginning of the week.

There have been seven resident deaths, one this week.

A press release issued by the county notes that 17 new cases were confirmed this week and 14 were in New Braunfels—the largest weekly increase for the county since the first local case was confirmed March 18.

New Braunfels had 61 confirmed cases of the coronavirus on May 30, up from 31 at the end of April, a 96.7% increase.

The county's cases are up 80% since the end of April when there were 55 cases, with an increase of 44 confirmed cases through May 30.

Guadalupe County had 81 confirmed cases of the coronavirus on April 30. As of May 29, its case count was 139. Those 58 new cases indicated a 71.6% increase in the intervening period of time.

Combined, both counties had 238 cases of the virus as of May 30, up 75% since the end of April when there were 136.

Increased testing has played a large part in the number of confirmed cases. Conducted tests in Comal County's have increased from 804 to 1,521, a 52.8% increase.

An additional 1,465 tests were performed on the county's nursing home residents and staff by order of Gov. Greg Abbott as a one-time event.

That testing confirmed one case in an out-of-county resident who was a nurse practitioner that served patients at EdenHill Communities.

Original Story

Comal County confirmed four new cases of the coronavirus on Friday, May 29, bringing its total to 94.

Three of the new patients are New Braunfels residents—one is in their 80s and is hospitalized in New Braunfels while the other tow are in their 50s and self-quarantined at home. A Spring Branch-area resident in their 40s is the fourth new case and is also isolating at home.

The County has 20 active cases and six of them are hospitalized, including a newly admitted resident that was previously confirmed and isolated at home.

Comal County's Office of Public Health (OPH) confirmed the seventh resident death associated with the virus a day earlier. That person was a New Braunfels resident in his 90s.

There are still 31 COVID-19 tests results pending from the countywide testing of nursing home residents and staff done last week. Of those 1,465 tests, one result for a medical practitioner from outside the county was returned positive.

Another 1,499 tests have been performed on county residents and 63 are pending.

The OPH also released additional information on how cases have been transmitted.

Travel-related cases accounted for 42% of cases as of last week, while 30% were transmitted within the community and 28% were from close contacts, such as household members that had previously tested positive.

This weeks cases are still be investigated by the county's two epidemiologist that were after the pandemic reached Comal.

According to the county, most patients presenting symptoms had coughing and fever, and a significant number reported muscle aches, headache, chills, shortness of breath or sore throat.

Less common symptoms included loss of taste and smell, diarrhea, nausea or vomiting, fatigue, abdominal pain, or weakness.

In Guadalupe County, three new cases were reported today, bringing its total to 139.

Of those cases, 18 are active and one is hospitalized. There have been no deaths reported as associated with the coronavirus in Guadalupe County, despite having a 32% higher case count than that of Guadalupe County.