The city of New Braunfels has announced an overall decrease in sales tax revenue received in October for the month of August. This is the fourth consecutive month the city has received a decrease in sales tax revenue compared to 2021.

A decrease of approximately $72,863, or 1.9%, in sales taxes received in October has been reported compared to the same month last year. When the various adjustments to the monthly payment are removed, net August sales tax collections were down 2.1%, according to the city.

“With the release of the August figures, total sales [tax] collections in [fiscal year 2021-22] have increased by 7.9% through 11 months of the fiscal year,” Assistant City Manager Jared Werner said. “The August collections continued a trend of being higher than anticipated given the continued impact of sales tax losses from HD Supply. When looking at some of the industry-specific performance for the August collections, general services, retail services, professional services and manufacturing services were the categories that experienced the highest level of growth. Conversely, wholesale markets and miscellaneous were the categories that declined for the August collections. The August collections showed continued growth in various sectors that are continuing to mitigate a portion of the expected loss in the wholesale markets industry. The next monthly collection will be the last month for FY [2021-]2022.”