Texas State University was contracted to perform an archaeological survey in an area within the New Braunfels Cemetery in preparation for the “Field of Graves” memorial project.

The archaeological work is anticipated to begin the week of Jan. 29 and last several days.

The details

The project will consist of a memorial walk and an 8-foot monument to memorialize German settlers who died after their journey to New Braunfels. Archaeological work is required to obtain permits from the Texas Historical Commission before the project can begin, according to a news release.

“Many of those who died after arriving were buried in unmarked graves at New Braunfels Cemetery,” Parks and Recreation Director Chad Donegan said. “This project, which is happening in partnership with the city’s Cemetery Committee and the New Braunfels Parks Foundation, will finally provide a lasting memorial to those settlers.”

The specifics

The "Field of Graves" project aims to pay homage to the individuals who embarked on the historic journey from Germany to Texas and founded New Braunfels in 1845, and commemorate the lives of more than 300 individuals who lost their lives to cholera and other illnesses upon arrival.

Previously, the city has worked with an engineering firm to perform a ground-penetrating radar survey of the unmarked areas to select a project location that does not interfere with burial sites. Texas State University will excavate a 120-by-120-foot section, removing 3 to 10 inches of soil to confirm that there are no unmarked graves near the proposed memorial site, according to a news release.

More information about the project can be found at www.newbraunfels.gov/cemetery.