Hill Country Yota Works, an automotive repair shop that specializes in Toyota and Lexus vehicles, opened to customers May 1 at 533 River City Drive, Ste 103, New Braunfels. Owner Fred Means and Lead Technician Chris Biediger have a combined 40 years of experience working on Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

“I've been a Toyota dealership mechanic my entire adult life, same with Chris,” Means said. “Things at the dealership have been changing for many years, and I was able to get away finally and do my own thing. Basically, we're just Toyota nerds that enjoy what we do.”

Means opened the shop to provide a personalized service for customers needing car maintenance or repairs.

“We want to go back to kind of an old-school thing where we know the people coming in, and we know your vehicle; we know your needs, and it's a more personalized experience," Means said.

Yota Works completes vehicle maintenance work, such as replacing spark plugs, water pumps, drive belts, wheel bearings and brakes. The team can also assist in providing vehicle updates, including for radios or transmissions; offer high-performance fluids; and complete road trip or prepurchase inspections.

“We basically just want to be a place where when you come and pick up your vehicle and pay your bill, you leave, and feel good about it,” Means said.

The automotive repair shop does not shy away from aftermarket modifications or older models in good condition.

“Unfortunately, something I've been hearing my entire life is how people go someplace, and they're not happy [with the service], or the car is still having the same problem,” Means said. “We're here to do this, and we're serious about what we do. ... I was taught to be an honest person from a young [age], and that's how I intend to run my business.”

Those interested in contacting Hill Country Yota Works for their Toyota or Lexus vehicle repair needs can walk in or contact the business at 830-609-9022. Facebook: Hill Country Yota Works