Though in-person classes are canceled, aspiring dancers can continue to perfect their craft with Dance by Design Studio’s new online courses.

The studio is offering all of its regular classes in a live, online format through Zoom, which gives instructors and students an opportunity to interact with each other as they continue their dance education.

“We decided that the interaction with our students was very important to us and kept something normal for them,” said Carolyn Wells, the owner and director of Dance by Design Studios. “It’s something that [students] are very familiar with and are looking forward to.”

In addition, Dance by Design will offer additional classes in April for dancers who are interested in trying something new. Students will have access to two 30-minute classes each week, either live or prerecorded, that cover a variety of dance styles from ballet to ballroom.

During this time of uncertainty and requirements to stay home, it is important for people to keep moving and do something to take their minds off of stress and anxiety, Wells said.

The new classes will be open for registration for children and adults on Dance by Design Studio’s website.

“We want people to keep moving,” Wells said. “It introduces them to something new.”