Extra Space Self Storage facility coming to New Braunfels


Planned to open in summer 2020, Extra Space Self Storage will construct a 100,000-square-foot facility at 1360 Ranch Parkway, New Braunfels. The climate-controlled facility will sport a combination of stonework and white and gray paneling on the facade. 877-631-0362. www.extraspace.com

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  1. I very much dislike seeing self storage buildings. I will admit I’m unable to give any reasonable alternatives at the time of this writing but it seems like a waste of beautiful NB land and sorely representents the relentless cadence of the desinigration of the charm that is/was new Braunfels :/

    • I agree. It’s such a shame and a waste of space. Development is never ending and once all the Green space is gone, it will feel like every other uban sprawl city. Useless people storing useless junk they don’t need.

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