Pat’s Place opened in the summer of 1977 after co-owner Carol Guedry, who lived in Houston, met former co-owner and namesake Pat Cantrell while visiting New Braunfels for Wurstfest.

The two became friends, and a few months after that visit, Guedry said Cantrell called her about a business proposition to open a burger joint near the Comal River. Cantrell would handle the day-to-day, and Guedry, who has a background in accounting and is still an independent real estate broker, would take care of the various business needs.

At that time the existing establishment at 202 S. Union Ave. was called Katy’s Place, Guedry said.

“It was just a little bar, but they sold hamburgers out the back,” she said. “Nobody would really come in to eat; they’d just get [hamburgers] to go.”

Guedry and Cantrell partnered up, acquired the business, and Pat’s Place was up and running.

Cantrell died in 2018, but since 1977 the eatery has expanded significantly due to land acquisitions that have led to Guedry and co-owner Terry Moorhead owning an acre of land, including Pat’s Place, on Union Avenue.

Guedry said the most popular items at Pat’s Place include the enchiladas, the bacon cheeseburger, onion rings and fried pickles.

Guedry said the restaurant took a financial hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but added Pat’s Place has survived because of its local hangout status.Guedry is open about her desire to sell Pat’s Place, but said she is not worried about a new owner changing anything, nor does she provide a timeline for when that may happen. She added Moorhead is also ready to sell.

“We want to make sure whoever buys it is hopefully someone local who would continue the traditions of Pat’s Place.”

Asked whether she is concerned about a rebranding or name change after selling, Guedry pulls no punches.

“It would be stupid to change it,” she said.

Pat's Place

202 S Union Ave, New Braunfels