The Texas Department of Transportation is providing transit agencies across the state with nearly $150 million to help expand and strengthen public transport, the department announced July 14.

Over $146 million will be distributed to transportation companies across the state, according to a news release. The financial support comes from both state and federal funds and is a 65% increase from funding approved during summer 2021.

“This funding is critical to ensuring everyone in Texas, especially in rural areas, has access to where they need to go safely and reliably,” TxDOT Transportation Commissioner Alvin New said in the release. “Many people across the state rely on these services for basic life needs because they have no other option."

Transit departments may use the funding in various ways, including buying buses, building facilities, paying for maintenance and increasing services in their areas. The goal is to make public transportation safer and more reliable and “[ensure] Texans have access to jobs, schools, health care and other important destinations and services,” the release said.

The funds will go to agencies covering over 90% of the state, which serve roughly one-third of the state’s population.