A new shared-use path opened in downtown Liberty Hill on Main Street in April.

Stretching from Kristi Lane to Stadium Drive, the new path provides a safer and wider option for pedestrians, cyclists and even those driving golf carts, Liberty Hill Project Manager James Herrera said.

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The project was prompted by the growing demand for safe walking paths, Herrera said. Construction on the new shared-use path began in January.

Previously, the sidewalks were roughly 3-4 feet wide, Herrera said. The new 8-10 foot path allows users more space to move freely, and it would allow pedestrians the ability to walk side by side.

The project cost roughly $389,000, and it was funded through a grant and the city’s general fund reserves.

“It’s wonderful that the city of Liberty Hill is doing things to promote people getting out to walk—and they can feel safe when they’re walking out there,” Herrera said.