Nine traffic signals along US 183 in Leander will undergo a timing study following council action Nov. 2.

A closer look

The project’s work includes developing coordinated traffic signal timings along the corridor, which is expected to improve travel times and reduce stops, delays and emissions, according to city agenda documents.

The following intersections are included in the study:
  • US 183 at US 183A/Bryson Ridge Trail
  • US 183 at San Gabriel Parkway
  • US 183 at Metro Drive
  • US 183 at Hero Way
  • US 183 at RM 2243/South Street
  • US 183 at Sonny Drive
  • US 183 at Crystal Falls Parkway
  • US 183 at County Glen Street
  • RM 2243 at Horizon Park Boulevard
Outside of developing new, coordinated signal timings, other work associated with the project includes gathering traffic signal timing data; collecting turning movement counts during the mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends; and identifying potential improvements at each intersection.

What else?

The project will cost $56,925, or $6,325 for the work on each signal, and it would be covered through the city’s general fund.

A timeline for completion of the project was not available.