The city of Leander is preparing to make several intersection improvements near campuses that will increase safety and reduce congestion.

City Engineer Emily Truman said the cause of backed up intersections is often school-related and can occur when multiple schools are located in close proximity.

One intersection improvement in the planning process is at Collaborative Way and Bagdad Road, an intersection city officials said is “dangerous” and a site of numerous car accidents.

The plan is to add a left turn lane onto Collaborative Way from southbound Bagdad Road and right-turn lane from northbound Bagdad Road onto Collaborative Way.

Additionally, a traffic signal will be added at the intersection of Bar W Ranch Boulevard and Ronald Reagan Boulevard, which has seen an uptick in traffic since the opening of Bar W Elementary.

What to expect

Truman said starting in 2025 the city will be identifying three more intersections for traffic signals.

The city will also continue to study larger corridors for improvements to help mitigate traffic, Truman said. This includes the recently completed Ronald Reagan Boulevard Traffic Study as well as the US 183 Corridor Study, which is now underway.

“I think we’re making some big strides in addressing some of the congestion issues with signals and right turn lanes,” she said. “We keep working on making [Leander] a better place for people to move around in.”

Improving the flow

Collaborative Way and Bagdad Road
  • spring 2024-fall 2024
  • $1.2 million-$1.4 million
Bar W Ranch Boulevard and Ronald Reagan Boulevard
  • Under design
  • Ranges from $800,000-$1.2 million