Several road projects are either underway, postponed or upcoming in the Leander and Liberty Hill areas.

Check out the latest updates on some key projects aimed toward improving traffic flow and safety in the cities.

Upcoming projects

Main Street/RM 1869 turn lanes

A right-turn lane will be installed eastward leading up to the intersection of Main Street and RM 1869 in Liberty Hill to improve traffic flow. Only one road leading up to the intersection will have the right-turn lane because of the width of the existing street.

Update: The project is currently in the engineering phase but is on schedule with no delays.
  • Timeline: winter 2023-spring 2024
  • Cost: $750,000
  • Funding source: city of Liberty Hill
Yaupon Grove Lane extension

The Crystal Springs neighborhood road Yaupon Grove Lane in Leander will be extended about 200 feet westward so it connects to the southern extension of Raider Way, providing a secondary exit for residents.

Update: This project was delayed due the city “not having enough funds for the project right now,” a city representative said. Construction is scheduled to begin contingent on the availability of funding.
  • Timeline: 2025
  • Cost: $400,000 (estimated)
  • Funding source: city of Leander
Ongoing projects

Main Street/County Road 279 roundabout

The city of Liberty Hill is constructing a roundabout at the intersection of Main Street, CR 279 and Munro Street to improve operational efficiency by slowing down traffic through downtown, in turn making the area safer to navigate. It will also provide an opportunity for landscaping and green space, adding to the city’s downtown aesthetics.

Update: Roughly 20% of work on the project has been completed.
  • Timeline: July 2023-June 2024
  • Cost: $1.6 million
  • Funding source: city of Liberty Hill
Raider Way/Woodview Drive widening

Plans include widening the existing road to three lanes with safety improvements as well as the addition of a roundabout and a new traffic signal. The project is intended to reduce heavy traffic that occurs surrounding a middle school and high school in the area.

Update: While construction on this project was initially scheduled to begin in June, it was delayed due to traffic plan approvals. Construction started Aug. 15. Two-way traffic on Raider Way will continue through the 2023-24 school year to reduce disruption in school activity, according to the city.
  • Timeline: August 2023-August 2025
  • Cost: $8 million
  • Funding source: city of Leander
Completed projects

Main Street/RM 1869 traffic signals

A traffic light was installed at the intersection of RM 1869 and Main Street in Liberty Hill to help mitigate traffic during peak hours. To ensure safety and improve mobility through the intersection, the Texas Department of Transportation later installed left-turn signals at the intersection.

Update: Improvements were recently completed to improve traffic flow in the area.
  • Timeline: February-August
  • Cost: $185,000
  • Funding source: TxDOT