Construction on the roads identified in Leander’s 2023 Roadway Rehabilitation Program was completed in late June, improving overall quality and durability, city staff said.

Leander officials selected four roads to improve. Costing $2.4 million, the work conducted on these roads included mill and overlay, striping, and full-depth repairs.

Mill and overlay—the process of grinding off the top layer of old asphalt and replacing it with new material—and striping was done on Union Street from Crystal Falls Parkway to Washington Square Drive and Horizon Park Boulevard from Crystal Falls to McCarthur Drive.

Lakeline Boulevard from Leander city limits to Stinnett Drive and Heritage Grove Road from Oak Grove Road to US 183 underwent a mill and overlay as well as striping in addition to full-depth repairs. A full-depth repair replaces 6 inches of asphalt to make the road smoother.

The Roadway Rehabilitation Program is conducted every year to keep up with regular maintenance. Public Works Director Gina Ellison said city staff selects roadways for the program using a condition assessment, which is done every four to five years.

“[The work] extends the life of the pavement, [and] it improves the ride quality,” she said. “It’s just maintenance ... keeping that quality of road and ride for the community.”

Loop 332/Bailey Lane realignment

Loop 332—which is in the process of being renamed by the city of Liberty Hill to Main Street—will be realigned to Bailey Lane, and traffic lights will be implemented, allowing residents to safely enter and exit Hwy. 29. Because Liberty Hill ISD is adding 1,300 students this fall, more cars will be using Loop 332 and Hwy. 29 during peak times for school drop-off and pickup, city officials said, and not having a traffic light at this intersection is a safety concern, especially for drivers turning left onto Hwy. 29.

Timeline: spring 2024-spring 2025

Cost: $1.8 million

Funding source: city of Liberty Hill