In the coming months, Liberty Hill-based nonprofit Hope House will undergo an expansion to add three additional housing units to the organization's existing 11-acre property.

Founded in 1966, Hope House has been providing long-term care and housing opportunities for Austin-area children with mental and physical disabilities for more than 55 years.

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One of the three duplexes—which will each house eight children—is already under construction and is expected to reach completion by the end of summer, Development Director Erland Schulze said. In addition to expanding the organization's capacity, this building will provide a new space for children living in an older home on-site that is in need of renovations.

The organization is planning to break ground on two more duplexes in August.

Schulze said the organization is expanding due to a lack of available housing opportunities for the children and adults Hope House works with.

“Our residents are profoundly disabled. We have to feed, clothe, bath and toilet them, supervise them, and watch them 24/7,” he said. “We get our residents as children, and they stay with us as long as they need us. There just are not enough homes for this high level of disability.”

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Hope House serves 38 children and has four existing homes on the Liberty Hill property. Schulze said after the three duplexes are completed, the organization will have a total of seven homes.

While Hope House welcomes children from multiple counties, lately the organization has had to prioritize those from Williamson and Travis counties due to capacity constraints. Schulze said the organization is turning away six to eight applications a month.

Moving forward, Schulze said the organization received a grant to purchase another piece of property for an additional building that will house eight more people. The location of the property is not yet confirmed.

“It’s such a reward because there is such a need for this home,” Schulze said. “Just to be able to have these things happen like they are—it’s just an awesome journey to be on to help these kids.”

Hope House was founded by Rose McGarrigle and is led by Executive Director David Gould.