Offering women “a place to live and a place to heal,” nonprofit organization Yesterday’s Gone is opening March 22 in Liberty Hill.

Founded and led by Loree Tamayo, Yesterday’s Gone serves and provides transitional housing for women rebuilding their lives after trauma and abuse.

The organization offers a tiny home to a woman and her dependents including pets for up to a year at no cost, including maintenance and utilities. Director of Community Engagement Angela Grill said the property currently has three tiny homes, a clubhouse and a bunkhouse, and the organization will eventually be able to support nine women.

During their stay, the women will have access to free life coaching and counseling services geared toward helping them regain their independence. Furthermore, the organization provides the women transportation services for work and funding for child care.

While Yesterday’s Gone is located on a 7-acre property in Liberty Hill, the full address will not be disclosed to the public. Grill said any women seeking help should visit the nonprofit’s website.

“Our mission for Yesterday’s Gone is dedicated to helping abused and neglected women transform into women of strength and dignity,” Grill said in an email to Community Impact. “We allow women to heal, learn, and grow from their past to step into a brighter future.”