Due to ongoing incidents of business alarm systems going off and alerting the Liberty Hill Police Department when there was no actual threat, Police Chief Royce Graeter made the decision to start handing out penalties for multiple offenses.

“It’s mostly [businesses] that we have an issue with, but we’ll have multiple false alarms, and we’ll respond across town,” Graeter said during the March 27 City Council meeting. “We have to treat them all like they're real. [It] takes fuel, takes manpower, everything to do that. So this would give a little accountability.”

The specifics

Liberty Hill City Council unanimously voted in favor of an ordinance to provide guidelines and regulations for alarm systems and enforce penalties for multiple false alarms April 24.

Graeter said businesses would need to have five false alarms before any charges are enforced. If a business has six to seven false alarms, it would owe a $75 penalty fee, and after seven, it would owe a $100 fee.

“Take care of it and make sure [your] alarms work correctly,” Graeter said.

The ordinance requires businesses to have a permit with the city of Liberty Hill for its alarm system. Officials are aware, however, some businesses currently have permits with Williamson County.

During the April 24 meeting, Lt. Jeff Ringstaff said the department will recognize the county permit until it expires. However, at the time of renewal, the business will then need to renew with the city of Liberty Hill.

If a business is getting a new alarm system installation, it would need to automatically go through Liberty Hill, Ringstaff said.