Beginning March 26, an 8% increase will be applied to Liberty Hill utility customers’ monthly bill.

For in-city residential and commercial customers, water rates will increase from a monthly minimum charge of $37.95 to $41.05, according to city documents.

Wastewater rates for in-city residents will increase from the monthly minimum charge of $57.86 per living unit equivalent to $62.58 per LUE.

How we got here

The utility rate adjustments come from the city’s 2018 Water and Wastewater Rate Study, which recommended rate increases every year for a five-year period. The first set of recommended utility rates from the study went into effect April 2019.

Until last year, utility rates were not raised or adjusted, which caused the city to lose revenue, officials said.

Council approved the first rate increases since 2019 in late August, which went into effect in October and are the current rates. During a January meeting, council agreed to move forward with the second water and wastewater rate increase, which goes into effect March 26.