With Liberty Hill’s population increasing, officials are planning to hire an assistant city manager to not only provide a relief to the city manager, but also help with managing the work that comes with a growing city.

City Manager Paul Brandenburg currently receives direct reports from, or oversees, 12 city departments, and he said the new assistant city manager would help relieve him of some of these obligations among other duties.

Zooming in

During the March 13 meeting, council approved the job description of an assistant city manager. According to city documents, a few duties of the assistant city manager include:
  • Overseeing special project assignments within various departments
  • Developing and maintaining status reports on assignments generated by the city manager
  • Managing the city’s Comprehensive Plan and zoning ordinances
  • Advising the city manager on long-term business and financial planning
  • Working on economic development projects
Furthermore, officials are looking for the assistant city manager candidate to have experience in planning, development, zoning and revitalization, to name a few. It is also required for the candidate to have a master’s degree and/or four to six years of relevant work experience.

Brandenburg said the assistant city manager is not a budgeted position, and the salary for the role would need to be funded using general fund dollars.

Looking ahead

Officials have not provided a timeline on when the hiring process of an assistant city manager will begin; however, Brandenburg said the city can plan for the position during budget discussions for fiscal year 2024-25.