With the city of Liberty Hill’s Home Rule Charter Commission now down to 11 members, officials are looking to immediately fill four vacancies on the commission—which is required by law to have 15 members.

How we got here

The commission, which originally started with 16 members, dropped down to 14 members when commissioners Sandra Slade and Mallory Bode stepped down, according to city documents.

Furthermore, two more commissioners—Jacquetta Thayer and Wade Ashley—are running unopposed for places 1 and 5 on the Liberty Hill City Council and will be sworn in as council members after May 4. Devin Vyner, another Home Rule Charter commissioner, is also running for mayor in the city’s May 4 special election.

Because council decided Feb. 28 not to allow Home Rule Charter commissioners to serve on City Council or in the role of mayor—even as a candidate or applicant for office—the commission is left with 11 members.

A quick note

Home Rule gives citizens of a municipality the privilege of managing their own affairs with minimal interference from the state, according to city documents. By adopting a Hume Rule Charter, the city of Liberty Hill will be able to establish its own rules for municipal government—rather than being governed by Texas laws.

Looking ahead

City staff are working to recruit volunteers to fill the four vacancies on the commission. Commissioners are required to live in Liberty Hill city limits.

City Attorney Marinella Joseph said the commission is about halfway through the process, and a draft of the charter is expected to be completed by July. The election for the charter is planned for November.