The center of Liberty Hill’s recently opened roundabout will feature a large star surrounded by green turf and a sign that says “Downtown Liberty Hill” after City Council approved the design at its Jan. 24 meeting.

Selecting a design feature moves the downtown roundabout project one step closer to full completion, city officials said.

Katie Amsler, director of community engagement and communications, said the design could cost between $50,000-$70,000 depending on the materials used.

Some context

A roundabout was constructed at the intersection of Main Street, CR 279 and Munro Street to improve operational efficiency by slowing down traffic through downtown, in turn making the area safer to navigate.

Construction on the roundabout began in July and was completed in late November.

Just before the roundabout opened, city officials started discussing a design element for its center.

Next steps

Amsler said more design specifics, such as stone color options, will be brought before council for approval at a later date.

A construction timeline for the design feature is not yet available.