Some teachers in Liberty Hill ISD may receive thousands of dollars in additional pay in the coming school years.

This is because LHISD received initial approval to join the Teacher Incentive Allotment through the Texas Education Agency, said Todd Washburn, assistant superintendent of teaching and learning, at a June 17 board of trustees meeting. The state program allocates districts funding to reward high-performing teachers.

“Last fall, [Superintendent Steven] Snell challenged us to go through this application process and work through the different check boxes so that way we could put thousands of dollars into the hands of our teachers for the things they do everyday, which is make our students to be champions,” Chief of Schools Travis Motal said.

How it works

Through the TIA, teachers can receive yearly financial awards by qualifying for one of three designation levels. Teachers are evaluated based on their observations and student performance, Washburn said. The purpose of the TIA is to reward, retain and recruit teachers, he said.

LHISD teachers could quality for the following amounts each year depending on their designation:
  • Recognized: $3,000
  • Exemplary: $6,000
  • Master: $12,000
Teachers may also qualify for the recognized designation by independently completing a national board certification, which is an 18- to 30-month process involving $2,500 in expenses that are reimbursed by the state, Washburn said. A teacher’s designation is valid for up to five years and may follow them to another district, he said.

Next steps

The district is expected to receive final approval of its designation as a TIA district in August, Washburn said. LHISD will collect data on teachers during the 2024-25 school year, and educators may receive their first payouts in September 2026, he said.

The following LHISD teachers will be eligible for the TIA initially:
  • Kindergarten through eighth grade reading teachers
  • Kindergarten through eighth grade math teachers
  • Algebra I teachers
  • English I and II teachers
The district can measure the progress of these teachers through the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness or additional screeners, Washburn said. Each school year, the district will expand eligibility to more teachers through adding new testing methods, he said.