German city-dweller Giuseppe Gazzana said he never guessed his decade-long career as a restaurateur would land him in a small Texas town like Liberty Hill. But when Gazzana and his Dallas-born wife, Amy, moved from the UK in 2016, they decided to bring the London pub experience with them.

In 2022, the Gazzanas opened Liberty Tavern, a gastropub that serves elevated comfort food, local brews and craft cocktails.

What’s special about it?

Liberty Tavern hosts live music every weekend and several events throughout the week. Customers can stay informed of family bingo nights, karaoke and high school football watch parties on Facebook.

The walls are also decorated with paintings by local artists, which patrons can purchase at any time.

"We missed the pub in England. It's a big part of daily and weekly life there," Amy said. "We wanted to have a place where families could come have brunch during the day, and then at night you can come with your friends for a drink or two. ... It's very community oriented."

What's on the menu

While comfort foods, such as chicken-fried steak, burgers and tacos, dominate the cuisine, Gazzana has sprinkled a few German touches throughout the menu, including bratwurst and his German potato salad recipe.

Customers can also enjoy craft cocktails and a selection of 30 beers on tap, many of which are local Texas brews.

The backstory

The Gazzanas' pub-owning fate was sealed when the two met at London's oldest wine bar in 2015. At the time, Gazzana owned a casual German restaurant chain, but he sold his shares when he decided the fast pace of city life was no longer for him.

When the pair arrived in Liberty Hill, they said they noticed the restaurant scene was sparse and mostly dominated by chain businesses.

After their building's previous tenant, Farm to Fork, went out of business, Gazzana decided it was the perfect opportunity to bring more local dining options to the community.

Looking ahead

To keep up with demand and accommodate their transition to a fully scratch menu, the Gazzanas said they plan to add a trailer to the property to serve as a second kitchen.

Additionally, as the weather cools down, they said they hope to revamp the outdoor space, adding TVs and a beer tap counter.

On Sept. 30, there will be a one-year anniversary celebration for the business and festivities throughout the weekend.