Leander City Council approved the Concept B design layout for the Leander Municipal Athletic Complex at the South San Gabriel River Park in mid-May.

Located along the north bank of the South San Gabriel River northeast of the 183A Toll bridge, the 77-acre complex is anticipated to have six fields for girls softball; multipurpose fields for soccer, lacrosse, cricket and rugby; nature areas; picnic pavilions; and substantial parking. Concept B will offer more parking space and additional multipurpose fields.

Parks and Recreation Director Mark Tummons said the feedback from the March 30 community workshop showed the majority of residents preferred Concept B over the Concept A layout. The goal of the workshop was to receive a final response from the community on any additional amenities or desires for the complex.

The design and engineering phase of the project began in May, and it is projected to take roughly 10-12 months to reach completion. Engineering firm Parkhill is conducting the master planning, design and construction phase services for the project.

Tummons said construction on the project will likely be completed in two phases, and the city of Leander has funding only for the initial phase. Costing roughly $10 million, the work done in the first phase will include site development, utilities, infrastructure, some parking, roadways and a few multipurpose fields.

Some of the other complex amenities, such as the playscape area and the trails, are not necessarily worked into the first phase, and the construction is dependent on cost and when the project goes out to bid in spring 2024.

Construction on the first phase of the project is anticipated to take about 12-15 months, which means a late summer 2025 opening.

This project has been in the works for about six to seven years, and it has been a high priority to both the community and city officials. It was a part of Leander’s 2016 bond package.

Tummons said the complex is like a combination of the two smaller Leander complexes, Benbrook Ranch Park and Robin Bledsoe Park, and is “taking the best” of what each park has to offer.

“Leander residents can expect a quality, high-class facility for girls softball, access to trails, access to other amenities like multipurpose fields, but one of the goals is providing residents high-quality athletic space,” he said. “As we continue to do additional phases, we’ll be able to move into more economic impact for the park itself.”

Both the address and the name of the project are not final, Tummons said, and the Leander Parks and Recreation Advisory Board won’t propose anything official until some time next year.

The details

The Leander Municipal Athletic Complex at the South San Gabriel River Park is anticipated to bring new and fresh park amenities to Leander. It will have more offerings than the city’s two complexes, Benbrook Ranch Park and Robin Bledsoe Park.
  • Six softball fields
  • Multipurpose fields for soccer, lacrosse, cricket and rugby
  • Playscape
  • Nature areas
  • Walking and hiking trails
  • Picnic pavilions
  • Historic dinosaur tracks nearby
  • Substantial parking