Competitive powerlifter Jennifer Andrew has been a personal trainer for nearly a decade, but when the pandemic came, the gym where she taught was forced to close, leaving her scrambling for a new place to serve her clients.

Taking matters into her own hands, Andrew replaced her yoga studio, Trybe Yoga, with the Trybe Wellness and Performance Center in 2021. Today, the Leander center remains a one-stop shop for strength training, nutrition guidance and personalized fitness lessons.

During the transition, Trybe Yoga moved to a larger space in Flying K Ranch, where its weekly, all-skills yoga classes continue.

About the business

Trybe Wellness and Performance Center offers both one-on-one personal training and small-group training for two to eight people.

Andrew is able to teach all ages, and her clients range from competitive weightlifters and athletes to those with more general fitness goals.

Additionally, the center offers nutrition guidance and neuromuscular stimulation work, a form of physical therapy that can treat sport injuries, pain or discomfort, Andrew said.

"Everything is customized; we're really focused on full care. How you take care of yourself when you're not in the gym plays a really big role in being able to be your best. It's not just about lifting weights, it's about what you're doing at home, too," Andrew said.

Starting at the end of April, the center will also host summer camp sessions for children age 12 and up.

What's special about it?

Andrew said her conjugate training method makes her gym unique from others.

The method switches between max training, which uses heavy weights at someone's maximum capacity, and dynamic lifting, which is lighter with the use of resistance tools, such as bands and chains, Andrew said.

"It kind of helps you get past some sticking points where you're weak," Andrew said. "It's very successful for getting stronger without injury."

Meet the owner

Andrew has competed in powerlifting since 2015 and has won dozens of world and state records.

With a squat weight of 525 pounds, Andrew said she ranks among the highest lifting stats in the world for her weight class and age.