A new sports and wellness center is cleared to come to Liberty Hill’s downtown area after a unanimous council decision Oct. 25.

In a nutshell

Zone Wellness Center and Beauty Bar will usher in services that aid in the recovery process for sick and injured kids, adults and seniors. The center will also offer beauty services such as Botox and injury prevention care for athletes.

Furthermore, one of the partners in the business, TJ Garza, said they want to offer educational workshops and fitness and nutrition programs to the Liberty Hill community.

What else?

The 0.35-acre property is located at 1900 Main St., Liberty Hill, and it is an existing residential home with a commercial zoning.

In order for Zone Wellness Center and Beauty Bar to operate under a medical office type use, it will require a conditional use permit.

Council approved the permit under the following conditions:
  • The extent of the center is limited to a standard office or clinic facility use.
  • Overnight accommodation of patients is prohibited.
  • Site has to be in conformance with all standards applicable in the city’s unified development code.
What the owners are saying

“I'm convinced that a sports and wellness center would be a tremendous asset to our families here,” co-owner Lynn Salapong said. “Our [business] would serve as a vital resource to support the health and wellness in our community.”

Co-owner Jennifer Gurley said one the center’s IV cocktails can help with overall health.

“I want to make people feel cared for and special,” she said. “Anyone who is sick, depressed, low on energy can try one of our many IV cocktails. I believe if you look good, you feel good. And if you feel good, you perform good.”