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Transportation Updates Toll 183A extension[/caption]

1. Toll 183A extension
On Nov. 30, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority approved $1.2 million to start designing the Toll 183A extension from north of Hero Way in Leander to SH 29 near Liberty Hill. The 5.5-mile extension would include three tolled lanes in each direction, said Justin Word, director of engineering with the Mobility Authority. The Mobility Authority plans to start the schematic design and public involvement process and would need to secure environmental clearance before proceeding with any construction, he said. The design, public involvement process and environmental clearance approval will take about 18 months to complete, Word said. The Mobility Authority would still need to secure funding before construction, and he said ideally construction could begin a year after the agency obtains clearance. The project would take about three years to complete.

Timeline: around 18 months for design, public involvement, environmental clearance; three years for construction
Cost: TBD
Funding sources: TBD

2. Anderson Mill Road realignment
The city of Cedar Park plans to realign Anderson Mill Road between RM 1431 and Lime Creek Road and construct it as a four-lane and two-lane roadway with turn lanes at various driveways and intersections. Phase 1 of the project consists of reconstructing Anderson Mill to a two-lane roadway from RM 1431 to Lime Creek Road, along with turn lanes at intersections, said Jennie Huerta, media and communications manager with the city of Cedar Park, on Dec. 1. Phase 2 would add two lanes on the north end of the project and two lanes on Anderson Mill through the Deer Creek Ranch neighborhood. A construction contract was awarded to C.C. Carlton Industries on Nov. 17. Construction is anticipated to start in late December and could last about 15 months.

Timeline: late December 2016 or early January 2017-March or April 2018
Cost: $7.9 million
Funding sources: city of Cedar Park

3. Little Elm Trail extension
The city of Cedar Park is continuing to fill gaps on Little Elm Trail to connect the roadway to US 183 from Lakeline Boulevard. The project includes installing right-turn lanes on southbound US 183, Lakeline and the existing portion of Little Elm. Huerta said the road base, curb and gutter, sidewalk and first layer of paving on Little Elm is complete. Construction in and around the intersection of Lakeline and Little Elm is underway, which will increase turn lane capacity and prepare the intersection for the increased traffic, she said. The new roadway will not be opened to traffic until the end of the project when all new and existing lanes receive a new layer of asphalt and fresh striping, Huerta said.

Timeline: December 2015-early 2017
Cost: $7.06 million
Funding sources: city of Cedar Park ($2.98 million); Cedar Park Community Development Corp., also known as the 4B Board ($550,000); Williamson County ($3.53 million)

Transportation Updates Old FM 2243 widening[/caption]

4. Old FM 2243 widening
The city of Leander is widening Old FM 2243 from two to five lanes, including a center turn lane, between US 183 and a location west of North Lakeline Boulevard. On Dec. 1, Leander City Engineer Wayne Watts said construction crews closed a portion of Lakeline north of Sauterne Drive to Old FM 2243 starting Nov. 28 due to the widening construction. As of press time Dec. 6, the closure was scheduled to last through Dec. 16, though Watts said crews might be able to open the roadway early. Construction crews had completed the relocation of dry utilities, so all utility poles on the south side of Old FM 2243 have been removed. He said all traffic between US 183 and Bagdad is being directed to the north side of the roadway so crews can continue to work on the south side of the road. He said the project is about 55 percent complete and is scheduled to finish on time.

Timeline: Jan. 4, 2016-October or November 2017
Cost: $24 million (estimated)
Funding sources: city of Leander, Williamson County (50 percent or up to
$9.15 million)

5. North Bagdad Road expansion
Construction crews will widen part of North Bagdad Road from two to five lanes, which includes a center turn lane, between Old FM 2243 and Collaborative Way in Leander. Watts said as drivers travel north on Bagdad, the road will transition from five to three lanes, then it will transition to two lanes north of San Gabriel Parkway. The project will also include new storm sewers, sidewalks and utilities on both sides of the road. Watts said the city advertised the roadway project for bids in November and plans to open for bids Dec. 20. Leander City Council could award construction contracts during its Jan. 5 meeting. Construction on the project could begin in February and is expected to last about 18 months.

Timeline: February 2017-August 2018
Cost: $13 million (estimated)
Funding sources: city of Leander, Williamson County

6. East Crystal Falls Parkway turn lane
The project includes building a dedicated right-turn lane at the west side of the intersection of East Crystal Falls Parkway and US 183. The lane will be built for drivers heading east and turning southbound onto US 183. Watts said all of the existing travel lanes will remain open throughout the construction of the project, though drivers can expect to pass through lanes that are slightly narrowed. City Council previously awarded a construction contract for the project in October, and on Dec. 1 Watts said the city planned to hold a preconstruction meeting during the next week. He said construction is expected to begin in January, and the city plans for construction to last about 120 days.

Timeline: January- May
Cost: $450,000
Funding sources: city of Leander

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